Hello! I'm Delvyn Case, Music Director of the Great Woods Symphony Orchestra.  I'm a passionate advocate for community music-making, and that's why I love working with the GWSO.   We are an intergenerational, multicultural ensemble  made up of college students, retirees, talented high schoolers, and adult professionals from all walks of life - and from around the world!   Every Monday I have the extraordinary opportunity of working with this terrific ensemble to bring glorious music to life. Week after week we prove that it is in fact possible for all different kinds of people to come together, listen to each other with respect, and work collaboratively to create something beautiful and meaningful. I think this is something that the world needs right now!

I'm also a professor in the Music Department at Wheaton College, where I teach courses in composition, songwriting, music theory, and the history of popular music.  As you can probably tell, I'm interested in a wide variety of music - and that interest is clear in the types of programs that the GWSO has performed in the past.  I love the great masterworks of the classical music tradition, of course - the symphonies, overtures, and concertos that everyone knows and loves. But I'm also passionate about discovering composers and pieces that fall outside the usual orchestral repertoire. That means performing music that comes to us from around the world - and even sometimes from genres beyond that of the traditional "classical music"world. This wide variety of music keep things interesting from us, introduces us and our audiences to new music, and helps us to grow as musicians as we tackle new challenges. For examples, of past projects, please visit out Past Seasons page.

In addition to my work with the GWSO, I'm also active as a composer, lecturer, teacher, writer, and performer. If you are interested in funding out more, please visit my website.